I don’t know about you but I have a preeeettty long laundry list of goals for the year ahead. None of them are earth-shattering, but they’re all meant to help me focus on what’s important and where I focus my time and energy.

From making exercising a habit again to family and relationship goals, I’m excited for what 2019 may bring.

Whatever your goals are, I know it can be hard to get started and get motivated if you don’t feel good. To set yourself up for success, means getting yourself ready for success. And for me, getting ready for my day makes a big difference for how I’m able to tackle my goals.

So consider this…consider how long it takes you to get ready each day. What if I said, on average I spend 15 minutes to get myself ready and could get that cut down to less than 10 minutes for you if you’re really strapped for time?

I’m sharing a few parts of my routine to help you get ready.  These quick tips should make you feel great and ready to attack your goal list:

  1. Know your closet. Know what you love and feel good in. Maybe it’s a certain color or all black, a great pair of jeans, etc. Whatever those pieces are, put on what you love first and then pair it very simply depending on your day. Don’t worry about the rest of your outfit. Really. If you struggle with knowing what you love in your closet today, check out my rules to buy by.
  • Get your hair done. I’m not talking about doing your hair your favorite way because I’m guessing for the majority of you that takes a decent amount of time. I mean you should know one or two super quick styles you can do with your hair that make you feel good. Do you like your messy bun? Do you like your hair half up/half down, a side piece pinned back? If you don’t have a couple of go to styles that don’t require a ton of product or time with a styling tool, then take a little time to play with it and know what you can do in under two minutes (seriously).
  • Choose your makeup. Make a choice. For me, if I have no time or energy to do my regular makeup routine, I know that if I at least throw on some eyeliner and mascara, I just feel better and look more awake in the mirror. For you it may be a foundation or a great lip but decide on one area.
  • Finally, accessorize. I’m hitting you up for simplicity again. No need to think through all your accessories, just pick one. I typically go for earrings as long as I’m not going to work out (and even then, I normally wear a little stud). It’s easy to forget about this step or let it go, but I think this final step helps pull it all together.

Oh and dry shampoo is definitely my friend.

Here’s to the New Year! Here’s to you, momma!
– Erin

Hi there! I’m Erin and mom to three amazing kids and wife to the best husband around IMHO! We’re doing our best to find joy in our days and love in our hearts even when things are hard. Our middle daughter has a catastrophic form of epilepsy that affects every part of her life and ours. She’s taught us more than we could have ever learned about the importance of life, love and God. Our days aren’t anything glamorous, but I’ve learned to take time for the things I enjoy. As mom, wife, friend and just good ole’ me. I think it’s important for you to take care of yourself too – have fun, remember you’re amazing and be confident in what you wear, what you eat and what you feel. So here’s to you, here’s to us, and here’s to this amazing thing we get to do every day as momma!

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