I’m not sure when I started to love colored denim but it’s been a closet staple for me especially in the transition seasons of spring and fall. There’s something about being able to layer and colors in these two seasons that make me giddy for fashion.

Whenever someone comments on a pair of pants (like my yellow jeans) I get the sense that they’re not sure how to wear them but I’d say it’s really easy. You can either treat your colored bottoms just like a normal pair of jeans or you can make them stand out.

Here are three classic ways to make colored pants work for you…
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Neutrals consist of blacks, greys, browns and whites most often. Let your colored denim stand out by pairing it with neutral pieces.

How to pair colored denim - try a neutral like creams and greys

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I’m also going to tell you to treat your chambray pieces that are trending right now as a neutral. It’s a classic look that can be paired with any color!

Pair your favorite chambray top with any colored pant for a classic look.

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Are you afraid of prints? And now I’m suggesting you add a print with your colored denim? I promise it’s okay, and I actually think you’re going to love the look!

Add a very subtle pattern with your colored denim if you're nervous about too much going on in your outfit.

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Now this one may seem like a lot because I’m throwing in pattern mixing on top of your colored denim, but if you stick with classic prints like stripes and leopard you’re going to look fabulous!

Rock your leopard shoes with some stripes and olive jeans.

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Color blocking

By simply adding another shade of the same color, you can color block your denim. Here’s a way to do it with a blue jean that aren’t your normal “blue jeans” and if you’re feeling a little bored with wearing the “same” colors, you can add some texture or interest to your outfit like I’ve done here with the fringe.

Color block your jeans and top

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I hope these simple ideas help you consider what you’ll be wearing this fall and encourage you to pull your colored denim out of the closet or go grab a new pair! Here’s where you can find the most current colored jeans for great prices – http://shopstyle.it/l/QTpO.

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  1. It’s funny I can wear any color denim to work Mon – Thursday except for blue. So this is great. Blue I can wear on Friday’s for casual day.

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