I’ve always loved to write. I remember back in the fourth grade needing to come up with a license plate that described me with 7 or less letters or numbers. (Even harder than Twitter, right?) I simply wrote – WRITER. It’s somewhat always been my personal therapy and is also a large part of my professional background. I worked in a communications career for nearly ten years after graduating college and still write when I need to get things out of my head. Over the last several years, I’ve written plenty of blog entries – private ones to myself, sharing my love of shoes and fashion, the growth of my first baby bump and the journey after my youngest daughter’s first seizure.

I’ve contemplated a more public blog beyond just friends and family before. During the last few months, I have been thinking it through a lot  and finally decided to start. My hold up was that I don’t have one simple passion or expertise that I always write about or can give guidance on. Then, I saw a quote I had seen plenty of times but this time it stuck with me.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw

Fortunately, I’m not one that’s really felt lost before and felt a need to go find myself. But over the last two years as a stay-at-home mom, I’m not exactly sure of my identity either. It’s one I’m creating along the way. With the help of friends, family and mostly, my best friend/husband, I know that my identity as mom means knowing myself in every way – mom, wife, friend, daughter, writer, volunteer, runner, shoe-lover, coffee-lover, wine-lover…you get the picture.

So that’s what this blog will focus on. Knowing and writing about the things that make me mom and make me, me. I hope you will read along and be inspired to continue creating the mom you are and the person you are. I plan to talk about things on my mind from what brings me joy whether it’s a great espresso drink or laughing with my kids, and I’ll also talk about where I’m struggling personally and as mom.

Being a mom means being yourself, being an extended- often tired – all giving self! In the midst of it all, don’t forget to be who YOU are. So here’s to you, here’s to us, and here’s to momma!

Hi there! I’m Erin and mom to three amazing kids and wife to the best husband around IMHO! We’re doing our best to find joy in our days and love in our hearts even when things are hard. Our middle daughter has a catastrophic form of epilepsy that affects every part of her life and ours. She’s taught us more than we could have ever learned about the importance of life, love and God. Our days aren’t anything glamorous, but I’ve learned to take time for the things I enjoy. As mom, wife, friend and just good ole’ me. I think it’s important for you to take care of yourself too – have fun, remember you’re amazing and be confident in what you wear, what you eat and what you feel. So here’s to you, here’s to us, and here’s to this amazing thing we get to do every day as momma!

5 thoughts on “Creating Myself”

  1. Love this!! This is certainly on the minds of milllions of mamas… looking forward to following and I’m sure agreeing too

  2. Great start to what I’m sure is going to be an amazing blog. I’m excited to follow and read it. I’m sure you’ll be capturing what so many of us mommies are really feeling and going through.

  3. Yay! I’m not a great writer but I LOVE reading – especially the thoughts of great people who are also beautiful writers! Thank you for starting this – I’ll soak up every entry!

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